Cifre, cifre, multe cifre si moartea centralei

De ce toata lumea are senzatia ca brusc daca investim in twitter o sa fie totul minunat si o sa renuntam si la centrale? Daca twitterul ar lua jumatate din numarul de plangeri pe care le iau centralele ar face poc in primul rand, dupa care ar enerva pe multi care oricum nu-si rezolva problemele prin conceptul de ‘call centre’ ‘bout we get rid of the concept in the first place? Daca ai ajuns atat de mare incat sa ai nevoie de centrala in India, e momentul sa-ti pui intrebarea ‘ce-ar fi daca centralele astea n-ar exista?’

Ce-ar fi…

„For newlywed Mukherjee, who earns around $3000 per year (a high salary for a young Indian urbanite, yet a mere one-sixth of the average call-center wage in the States), such tales are a bizarrely intimate insight into the downside of the American Dream. She admits that she always thought of the U.S. as a place with „a never-ending supply of money and material possessions,” where crises are solved by Bree Van de Kamp turning up on the doorstep with freshly baked muffins. So did most of her colleagues. Indeed, call centers are renowned for emulating and idolizing U.S. culture. At 24/7 Customer, agents learn to speak with fake American accents and adopt Anglicized names like Kate and Ben. They attend crash courses in American history and study staples of Americana like Friends and The Apprentice. 24/7’s lobby says it all: The walls feature murals of smiling call-center agents, dressed in the casual, geek-chic fashion of Silicon Valley hotshots, alongside giant corporate slogans. We are a highly motivated, performance-driven organization, says one.”

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