Toate frustrările mele legate de școală într-un paragraf

„How can we expect them to connect Hemingway, vectors, pottery, cells, and ancient Greece every day?

It’s a disjointed nightmare—to which you might say, “deal with it, that’s school.” But “dealing with it” results in a lot of material crammed for a test and then forgotten. Here’s the worst part: All of that planning teachers do to create beautifully succinct lessons is exactly where the deep thinking is happening. Students need to be a part of that. They need to see that you can’t always get the right answers from the back of a book.

How many times were you allowed to mess up a chemistry lab in high school? Most likely you were graded on how well you reproduced a set of instructions the first time you tried it. That’s not how anyone really learns. Students need to know that things go wrong, and they need to be comfortable—dare I say happy—with failing and retrying.”

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