Bill Clinton despre brandingul de tara

De la vulturul american versus curcanul lor de thanksgiving pana la “noul tigru al Europei” (Tiger?), bill clinton a tinut un discurs legat de brandingul de tara. Noul Wally Ollins.

Descoperim si ca Mircea Geoana are un mentor in America, Petre Georgescu, who was CEO at the Young & Rubicam, one of the big advertising companies.

Q : How do you first de-brand before branding or re-branding, because unfortunately we only have really acquired so to speak from Ceausescu, from the former communism, from adopted kids, many things that are a real handicap […] ?
A: 1. Convince your own people that whatever it is, it is true, because the universe of people beyond your borders […] will resonate with what the people here say
2. Expand your tourism base, but you got to have some tourism already.

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