What a day!

AlcatelYesterday, at around 17:45, Alice (my deskmate) and I finished classes and went to Carturesti library to see some foreign artist exhibit some photos taken in Europe and stuff. The even was pretty big and I didn’t know anything about it, because I didn’t have time to do research.

Anyway, we got on the bus at the 1 Mai station and almost got off at Romana square. Here’s the interesting part about everything;
When we first got off, we were asked by a few cops to stay a while and see if anything disappeared from our backpacks, like money, books or anything like that. I panicked at first even if I knew there was nothing inside, just my notebooks and sports equipment, but still I double checked to see if there was anything missing. Nothing.
Alice also checked and she still had her money and ID in her backpack. She’s still pretty careless about her stuff.

She forgot her wallet somewhere at school and never got it back, obviously, some 4 months ago and until today, didn’t get a new one. She’s the „I’ll get one from Brasov or Predeal when I get the chance” (even if there’s nothing really special about wallets over there and wallets over here), so she always keeps her mobile phone, money and ID in her backpack. Which is …. WRONG!

So the police let us go after we realised there was nothing missing and we carried on to Carturesti. I met Auggie and my boyfriend over there and everything was apparently normal. Alice went to the underground station and left for home while I left for the bus station. Somewhere close to my house I received a phonecall from Alice’s father, asking me where she had gone to. I knew her mobile phone was dead because she forgot to recharge it in time, she had told me that while still at school, so I told him „Yeah we went to the library, maybe she forgot to tell you that and we just split up 20 minutes ago, so she must be somewhere near.” . Again, nothing did seem surprising, but the really weird part happened today.

Alice got online and told me something like „hey, guess what happened yesterday” – „what?”

The pickpockets that the police had caught on the bus had stolen her mobile phone, obviously, but she forgot where she put it anyway, knewing it was dead and stuff, so she didn’t realise it was missing until she got home. The police called her dad using her mobile phone telling him that he can get it back (long live Last Dialled Numbers list) so that’s why he called me the day before. Did I feel weird about that.
They went to the police and filled out some forms and after all helped catch some thieves.

AT LONG FUCKING LAST, they started catching pickpockets in buses. I’m amazed. 😀

Alice (11:28:13 AM): they were stalking the guys in the bus since 3 o’clock and when they stole my mobile phone they caught them red handed
Alice (11:28:35 AM): besides that guy they arrested, there was some lady too
Deea (11:28:58 AM): uhh
Deea (11:29:04 AM): ooook……weeeeeeeird
Alice (11:29:07 AM): im so excited
Deea (11:29:11 AM): where were you keeping your mobile phone?
Deea (11:29:14 AM): i wouldn’t be excited
Alice (11:29:16 AM): we caught some thieves!
Deea (11:29:18 AM): yeah, but your mobile phone was stolen
Deea (11:29:22 AM): even if you got it back eventually
Alice (11:29:24 AM): …yeah
Deea (11:29:38 AM): To me it’s more like…..well….uhm….BAD
Alice (11:29:46 AM): It was right in that pocket, with the money, but I didn’t know it was missing
Deea (11:29:53 AM): looool
Deea (11:29:56 AM): I can only imagine the conversations at home..
Deea (11:30:04 AM): „Didn’t I tell you NOT to keep your mobile phone in your backpack?!”
Alice (11:30:10 AM): dad was laughing at me
Deea (11:30:14 AM): I’d bet he was 😀
Alice (11:30:22 AM): I got home without knowing
Alice (11:30:28 AM): he told me
Deea (11:30:34 AM): Yeah, he called at my place too
Alice (11:30:38 AM): „You know, your mobile phone’s missing”

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  1. hahaha, it’s part of the long-promised fight against corruption :D…anyways, (knock on wood) I believe Bucharest still has a low criminality rate as compared to its European peers. Not to mention US. 🙂