Valentine’s Day

So everything outside is red, pink, fluffy and cute. There’s shitloads of offers in every store you see and everybody wants to sell their stuff.

Girls everywere are waiting for „special” presents from their loved ones, blah, you know the drill, I don’t have to tell you that.
For those of you with expensive tastes, there’s a Smart offer, there are Minis available, there are a few new Nokia phone models that everyone wants, Swatch watches are looking neat, Cartier has a new collection.

For all the tech girls out there, there’s Girl’s stuff vs. Boy’s Stuff. Girls get Shiny Shiny, a collection of the neatest gadgets for girls. Dress your pink iPod mini in a sock.

For the desperate and uninspired, there’s always Yahoo and MSN
…..and Amazon. For mushy sentimentalists, there’s Precious Moments.

Food is always good, if there’s not enough money 😀 Candy Bouquet looks yummy, Kraft is giving us some delicious recipes, so is AllRecipes.

Hallmark has pretty cards, last but not least.

And if you just hate all of this, Valentine’s Day Sucks so FUCK VALENTINE’S DAY

Cheers and watch your CC’s. 🙂

Edit: And there’s also a Ferrero dedicated site, via adverblog

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3 răspunsuri la „Valentine’s Day”
  1. lucian

    hey, you’ve done some research, ah? 🙂
    there was an email offer that invited couples to ride some valentine’s day special train, packed with red goodies, music, a lot of candy and all that romantic TCM crap. picture them, having fun in the funk train 🙂
    i say fuck this day too, let the flowers away
    click here

  2. Some ppl are wayting for the V day also to find out who ordered room service.

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