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  • Atunci când intri în H&M

  • Dem iPhones

    Your banner connected to your weblog, your weblog connected to your widget, your widget connected to your flickr, your flickr connected to your myspace, your myspace connected to your YouTube…

  • o poveste de craciun

    Sales Manager: “What are we going to do, our Chees-It Party Mix just isn’t selling!” Brand Consultant: “Have you tried replacing the ‘S’ of Cheese with a ‘Z’ to get down with the kids?” Sales Manager: “Of course we have, we’re a cutting edge, feel good, party brand … but it’s still not working. WHAT…

  • Stickere de avertizare pt jurnalism prost

    Ador ideea asta. Astept sa fie valabile pt download si scos la imprimanta acasa. pe site-ul lui Tom Scott

  • barbatul si sertarul lui

    YouTube – The man drawer-we all have one

  • Friday Fun – Murdoch

    Like many dicks, Murdoch has a string of ex-wives. In 1956, he married Patricia Booker, who was—what else?—an airline stewardess. The two divorced in 1967, the same year he married Anna Torv, a cub reporter from his Sydney newspaper. After sticking it out for 32 years, they divorced. Seventeen days later, at the age of…