Lending dreams

First of all, this has nothing to do with you 🙂

But then again, it’s just something I figured long time ago, only I can’t cure, apparently.

Some 3 years ago I decided I know what I want to do to change the World, and all of a sudden it was all peaches and cream, I had this dream that I’m gonna grow up to be the best fighter in the World, better than Bruce Lee…well not really, but I had this one dream one night and the next day I woke up with a great deal of enthusiasm.

Funny how back then I never told anyone what I like, so didn’t feel like sharing my newly discovered dream with anyone, being a greedy little kiddie and keeping it all for myself. It lasted a few years, from 7th to 9th grade, and then I found someone who I thought was worthy to find out what I liked (besides my parents, that is).

Anyway, I told him and first of all, he really didn’t give a fuck about that.
Next I found a second person who found out that what I want to do is more interesting than what he wanted to do and then changed his view; along with him, another friend of his decided to change and go for what I wanted really bad. That didn’t bother me, knowing those persons and aware of the fact that it really doesn’t matter, and that they’re commited and believe in it as much as I do, and have proven the fact that they like it.

Now, here’s the crap part about all this.
I hate people who treat me like I’m some visionary that knows everything happening and „sees” stuff in a new way. Well, that is, except my future boss, who loves me for that 🙂 (yes I did get a job. omg 😀 )

And I got to the point where I met this one person who takes everything I say for granted, who chose to do something just because it sounds interesting and the prospect is actually…rewarding. Following a career in PR can bring you a lot of money, true, sometimes just as much as sales & marketing director, depending on the company.

Let’s try this small…test. Given 3 people, A, B and C
Person A wants to become an art director in the far away future
Person B wants to become a PR Officer
Person C wants to become a creative and is more involved in this whole design…stuff.

I’m one of these 3, but few people really know if I’m A, B or C. And I’m not giving any hints nor looking for brilliant solutions like „Why you don’t want to be a PR” or „Why you don’t want to be an Art director” and such.
Who am I? That’s for you to decide.

Due to something that one of these people found out, he changed his views and now we’re going to have 2 A people and 1 C person. Unfortunately for this one person who changed his views, I made a back-up plan, knowing something would happen, and that’s how I found myself a place in this company, in order to have something to rely on.

This is where my second frustration comes in. I HATE IT when people who aren’t sure they want to do something do it for my sake, like in this case, and actually tell me „You changed the way I think”, because I know for sure that I did not change the way they think, the way I act and the way I think changed their views. In all this „What I wanna do when I grow up” stuff, there’s gotta be something subtle in all this. AND THIS AIN’T SUBTLE!

Universally speaking : never lend someone your dreams, because you’ll feel that you’re going to be good at what you do, while others will suck trying to be just like you.
Don’t know if I made my point here, but to sum it all up, never tell anyone but your wife/husband what you want to do. Go ahead have a brilliant idea, but never tell it to others, or let them think you’re nuts because you want to do that. Else you end up like me, with a trail of followers who act on what I say or do.

Learn to follow, dudes, I already learned to lead. And most of all, learn to copy.

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  1. well there is an other aspect of things too – it is possible that they just wanted to find a stable element in their universe, something they can catch to win back the stability of their own. for me, personally this is true – I said that you lent me your dreams and now I am happy to keep only a small part of them…

    now I am gathering all the information I can about the PR and copywriter career and I am having a hard time deciding… afterall I think I’ll incline to be a B 🙂

    ps: congrats for the job 🙂
    ps2: some were born to lead some were born to follow. but you can’t classify a man into one category or the other… one day, one month, one year maybe he is a bored follower – the next day, month, year an energic leader. terry pratchett said that – I think 😕 – about classifiing people into psychological typologies

  2. „First of all, this has nothing to do with you:)”i know i should say something but i really feel this is not the case due to the fact that i have an old..very old passion for graphics

  3. And why not?
    Why not lend people dreams?
    If YOU know what you like, do you honestly believe that’s enough? What if you had the greatest idea ever, what if you were the next great philosopher, the next scientist that changed something and just SHUT UP?
    Is that smart, is that correct, isn’t that selfish?
    So what if others can’t do as well? You have a link on your site to a guy quoting one of my favourite sayings: „good artists copy, GREAT artists steal”. What if they’re good at what you do but GREAT at something else? What if, instead of sparing them the pain of discovering they’re not as good at something you void them of the next eureka.
    If everybody tried to score in football the games would be a looooooooooooot longer. Same with human evolution and personal evolution. Because everything influences everything.
    So, if you don’t want to be a mentor, life sucks, because you already are. But then again you never will be a GOOD ONE unless yo obey the two essential rules of any student-master relationship :
    1. That you never put your student down and never discourage him/her
    2. That you BOTH learn something.
    I rest my plea 😀

    PS. What job? You gotta tell me more…

  4. It’s way beyond that. I’m talking about some crap lies someone just said and the fact that for once they can’t admit the fact that they didn’t do it out of commitment to a certain subject, but because they just thought it was „trendy”. Like answering „Why do you want to work in advertising?” – „Because you get to go lots of places and meet interesting people”
    And I’m also talking about the fact that some people like one of the above are pretending to be something they’re not, and in the meantime suck at it.

  5. I think we all are a little bit like that… Because, unfortunately we are not what we are, we are what we think we are. But then you know the story and I should’nt mess around with things bigger than I am…