Bite me

This week could easily be tagged as crappiest week of the month, or maybe should I say year.

If I had a penny for each time I told someone he’s stupid, I’d probably be rolling in cash right now.

Two days of fever, two days of staying at home and feeling sad and sorry for myself, reading stuff I shouldn’t be reading (no it’s not the Kama Sutra), reading stuff that probably will never be useful, crap that just makes me laugh out loud a few times then start cursing the moment I chose to read it. Days of learning things that are 90% crap instead of useful things, like why our dear Ion has an inner conflict, why he chose two women instead of one (because he’s a GUY after all, that’s the most obious answer. I slept 4 hours, from 9 in the morning to 13:00 in the evening and damn, it paid off real well. I got rid of the not-really-visible-but-there bags under my eyes.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Was that refreshing or what? 🙂

A Wednesday of stuffing physics up my throat, knowing I’ll probably forget it by Friday, a few hours of maths, informatics and biology to help pass the day, a Thursday with only one hour of school. Lucky me, the cover for the maths zine at school is finally done. It’s not much but there was nothing to be changed to it, because our teacher didn’t want any significant changes in the way it looks. It’s not much, but it’s fucking done!
Then there were a few nightmares, just to make up for the hours of sleep Tuesday, and I woke up with headaches two days in a row. Lovely.

Then there were some fights with some people due to the fact that I was overly stressed. But that’s another story.

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4 răspunsuri la “Bite me”

  1. ‘Maths zine’ as in ‘Maths fanzine’?
    Who can be a fan of mathematics?
    Pleeeze! Yeuch! 🙂

    The cover is quite fine though.

  2. No fanzine, magazine, just that I’m too lazy. It’s supposed to be „Gazeta Matematica” … 🙄