Lately I’ve been having stressing day, weird nightmares and I swear to myself I’ll never ever play freaky scary video games ever (that is, till the next one comes up).
I’ve been having this weird nightmare (I also slept more than it was necessary) in 3 parts. I dunno by who or what it was inspired, but it only looks like real life from certain points of view. Damn.
So I was in my apartment, as usually, recall it being a rainy day, reaaally rainy day in summer. I was listening to some music and decided to go eat something all of a sudden, but when I got to the kitchen, I realised there was a weird sound coming from outside the window. Apparently there was something out there scratching my window and I was wondering „WTF it’s raining outside, there are no birds around and I’m living on the 3rd floor”. When I opened the window, there was this….. THING that looked like those crappy monsters in Silent Hill 3 (last played in January) and 4 (The Room).
I kinda freaked out and this is the point where everything starts looking like a combination between a crap American movie combine with a Japanese horror game and stuff.
Yeah right, close the window while that .. THING was trying to grab my arm wasn’t smart, but it squashed it for the moment and then to my horror there were some others swarming outside my window. First reflex was go look for something to kick the bitches with and I didn’t find anything but a kitchen knife to fight with (damn so Silent Hill like).
When I turned on the TV there were this news and all of a sudden the city was full of striders (Half Life 2 like) walking around and thought …damn….fuck! This is the end. After following some sort of clues and going out on the streets with a crowbar in my hand (that is so Half Life) I eventually found out it was some sort of alien invasion (like those dreams Aki Ross used to have in Final Fantasy : Spirits Within), got over some swarm of locusts (or flies, hell knows what they were) and woke up sweating. 😯

Screw video games >.<

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  1. May I suggest Freud’s „The Interpretation of Dreams”? It made „miracles” for me.
    Here’s a nice PDF version:

    It might be a good change of pace from the trite and overly ambitious marketing books you usually said you read. 😉 Try some authentic culture for a change – not the same prefabricated „fake plastic”, „pigs in a cage, on antibiotics” collages that pass as culture today. (I love sounding like my grandmother)

    Anyway, your dream fulfills a wish, but which is it, and what is the meaning of the symbols, only you can know.

    Back when I was the hugest Ayn Rand fan, I dreamt of attending her lectures, and having her attend mine, and hugging her and crying because no one besides her understood me… that’s a more „literal” dream. Maybe your dream is literal too.

    I also had a recurrent dream, 10-15 times over the last 5-6 years, in which I’m chased by a monstrous, evil, sadistic, dark, male presence, between the gray concrete, prefabricated flats buildings of my childhood town, and I see myself running out in the dark, and seeing the building illuminated by street lamps, and me running and stopping to look around corners and through the windows of random strangers, on the ground floor, and inside there are regular families watching TV. I also regularly turn and kill the monster with one knife stab, but it always comes back, and we go on like this, with the running and hiding and killing and fear for what seem hours, until I wake up. This one is a bit more symbolic 🙂