puneţi telefoanele jos

Cineva în sfârşit s-a gândit la nişte reguli de bun simţ apropo de telefoane. Lista nu e perfectă dar am de unde să citez pentru mai târziu:

1. Go ahead, glance at your phone at an incoming text. And please excuse yourself to respond to one that will immediately advance your plot to take over the world. But do not type under my nose. It hurts my feelings.

5. Do not think that tweeting about having a drink with me validates my importance. Having a drink with me validates my importance. Memorialize it later or when I am in the restroom.6. Do not link all of your social media together. If I wanted to follow you on Foursquare, I would follow you on Foursquare. Finding out on Twitter that you are the mayor of the Boerum Hill IHOP doesn’t meet any current needs I have.

7. Put that “reply all” button behind glass. Use only in case of emergency.

10. Do not become a dynamo of self-promotion on social media as so many advise. If your Facebook page scans as an ego gymnasium, I probably stopped checking it years ago. Yes, social media is a great professional tool, but it is not supposed to serve as a hand-crank on your brilliant career.

via A Guide to Smartphone Manners – NYTimes.com.


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