Apart from the fees for your course itself, how much will it cost you to live in
the UK? As a rough guide, for a nine-month academic year, you should allow
(on average):
ÔÇó ?ú6,650 if you will be living in London (or ?ú730 per month)
ÔÇó ?ú5,250 if you will be living elsewhere in the UK (or ?ú585 per month).
These figures are based on 2002 prices, and include the cost of accommodation,
heating, lighting, food, clothing, books and daily travel for one person for a ninemonth
academic year. Living costs for career-based and access or foundation
courses tend to be lower than these average figures.


Food (if not included in accommodation): ?ú30ÔÇô?ú40 per week
Wine: ?ú3ÔÇô?ú5 for a 75cl bottle (table wine)
Beer: ?ú1 for a half-litre can of lager; ?ú1.70ÔÇô?ú2.50 for a pint of bitter in a pub or bar

Nice to know!

The police have the power to stop and search anyone who appears to be behaving in a suspicious manner. If you are arrested:
ÔÇó Try not to be aggressive.
ÔÇó Do not try to bribe the police officer.


Overall, I’m shitting bricks right now. Vedem ce se va intampla azi, un pic mai tarziu 😀

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