Email-ul nu e problema

Cam da, motiv pentru care nu Slack și notificările sunt problema pentru unii oameni, ci faptul că nu știu să comunice sau să filtreze și organizeze canalele de comunicare într-un mod util.

“So here’s the thing that you’re bad at, which is why none of the fifty different email apps you’ve bought for your phone have fixed the problem: when you get these messages, you aren’t making a conscious decision about:

– how important the message is to you
– whether you want to act on them at all
– when you want to act on them
– what exact action you want to take
– what the consequences of taking or not taking that action will be

This means that when someone asks you to do a thing, you probably aren’t going to do it. You’re going to pretend to commit to it, and then you’re going to flake out when push comes to shove. You’re going to keep context-switching until all the deadlines have passed.

In other words: The thing you are bad at is saying ‘no’ to people.”

Email isn’t the thing you’re bad at.

De ce grupurile cu venituri mici devin naționaliste

“While many people in the top 20 or 30 per cent of the educational and economic hierarchy have become less attached to national social contracts in the past couple of generations, most people have actually become MORE attached to them. There are several reasons for this. The welfare state has been expanding not contracting in recent decades—think tax credits and the rise of housing benefit—and although state employment overall has been in decline, if you live in some of the most run down parts of Britain you are more likely than ever to be employed by the state. The fragmentation and disappearance of a once familiar industrial working class culture and the declining status of much non-graduate employment may also have contributed to a greater attachment to the symbols and benefits of national citizenship. The loss of tight local communities may have produced a stronger attachment to the imagined community of the nation. And the benefits of national belonging CAN be diminished by European integration and rapid, large scale immigration: this is not merely false consciousness.”

Reflections of a referendum fence-sitter