What Happened to Ogilvy?

Apparently Mihaela Nicola and Zoltan Szigeti are no longer working for Ogilvy/WPP.

1. Ogilvy Romania didn’t meet its business plans, and therefore the two have been …fired.
or maybe
2. Keeping activites secret led to the big decision;

That is, to keep political issues out of this. At the moment they’re just rumours, until further notice.

What happens next?
Companies like Unilever South Central Europe, BAT, Gillette and Zapp depend on Ogilvy.

Shusha Night

Remember Shusha Night? On the 18th of September?

Besides the fact that the atmosphere before Parazitii sucked, due to their fans who acted like assholes once, regarding Sunday People, there was this really neat feeling during Suie Paparude (btw, they’ve got a new site now 🙂 ) and Shukar Groove Collective. Well, at least it was for me, because it left me tired. Everything around was blurry, there was this beer and the heat inside that made it all … really exciting.
Hybrid and Zabiela….HYBRID AND ZABIELA….and my cam had to suffer, my card wouldn’t fit in the slot and now it’s all recorded.. in my mind.
And it was freeeee…:D Though I wouldn’t have minded if I had to pay money for them, I’d PAY them to come all the way here 🙂

Romanian description of the event
La Shusha night trebuia sa ajung cu vreo cateva persoane, pe care le-am chemat special pe la 18:00 acolo, iar eu eram prima, prezenta, si vreo cativa entuziasti care stateau si asteptau la intrare. Ceva mai incolo, pe la 18:30 vine lumea, aparent se intarzie cu intrarea si ceva mai incolo incep Sunday People, la care am fost oarecum dezamagita de sunetul cam ciudat, cu un ecou enervant si prea putini oameni care sa stea in fata stage-ului. Anyway, a fost tare, ne anuntau de un nou album de-atunci, dar am ramas cu buza umflata ca la noi n-a aparut nici pana acum. Boo. Fanii Parazitii si-au facut simtita prezenta cu un “Plecati acasa!” adresat lor, ceea ce a dus mai tarziu la reactia lui DJ Vasile, ceva gen “Stati afara daca nu va convine” si eventual s-a terminat cu “M***” . Formularea n-o mai stiu 🙂
Shukar Collective au fost tari, ca un fel de pre-warm-up la ce avea sa vina, ceva breaks si drum and bass si prezenta neobisnuita a solistului, Tamango, care a ajuns la bustul gol dupa ce a cantat vreo 35 de minute. Daca imi aduc aminte, au avut melodiile “I Love You” , “Shub” si “The verbal
Fight Song”. Awesome. Am ?úop?âit ??i la ei. Cum zicea cineva, ma asteptam ca publicul sa fie mai “simtitor” dar da-i incolo, 3/4 erau in picioare, 1/4 pe jos, iar din cei 3/4 vreo cativa dansau si altii mancau sau se fataiau de dragul de a se fatai. Wannabes si oameni care n-aveau ce cauta pe-acolo, semn ca degeaba incerci sa propagi muzica asta cand oamenii nu reactioneaza la ea decat cu “Plecati acasa ” / “Ce varza”.
Au venit si Suie, care au inceput cu Atac la Persoane, ceva Iarba si Hard Dub, primul si ultimul stiu sigur ca au fost, de Iarba nu sunt foarte sigura totusi, ca incepusem sa obosesc. In rest, a fost frectie, poate ascult eu Parazitii, dar nu ma omor cu ei, nici nu cred ca o sa ma omor vreodata, dar Hybrid si cu Zabiela…..Oh. My. God.



  • I felt like blogging a lot about random stuff that happened and seemed interesting to me, but I had no place to blog, which left me staring at the ceiling and thinking of buying a domain of my own
  • I sort of realised how I changed the lives of a few people, hopefully for the better, without being aware of that
  • I’ve been studying Flash for a project and it’s hard, damn hard >.<
  • I’m trying to study Illustrator and eventually photoshop or any kind of graphic design forms in order to create some sort of pseudo portfolio for the Infomatrix contest…And I am soooo fucked up! *panic*
  • I’ve been reading stuff and being a bitch with some people around
  • I’ve been extremely bored and busy
  • My existance changed … I don’t know if for the better or for the worse yet
  • I find it funny when people stare at my shoes on the street
  • I’ve been working on a new design for this blog
  • I’ve been listening to music in excess 😯 ..but ..I guess Kid Koala never hurt anyone
  • I decided to start upgrading my pc, slowly but surely
  • And last but not least, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to get a job, therefore I started learning and I’m going to take on some classes and get some certifications. I’m a very undecided person and don’t know what to do with my life (yet) in terms of goal-setting, if I want to work in IT or Media . Damn it’s too hard and takes up a lot of time trying to decide..