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  • Fibrobar

    Batoanele de slabit, cunoscute si sub numele „Fibrobar” fac furori in scoala si probabil daca bufetul scolii ar vinde asa ceva ar avea un profit extraordinar de mare. Batoanele de slabit sunt niste .. chestii sub forma unor batoane de ciocolata, de fapt nici eu nu stiu prea bine ce sunt exact, dar dupa cum […]

  • What a day!

    Yesterday, at around 17:45, Alice (my deskmate) and I finished classes and went to Carturesti library to see some foreign artist exhibit some photos taken in Europe and stuff. The even was pretty big and I didn’t know anything about it, because I didn’t have time to do research. Anyway, we got on the bus […]

  • Valentine’s Day

    So everything outside is red, pink, fluffy and cute. There’s shitloads of offers in every store you see and everybody wants to sell their stuff. Girls everywere are waiting for „special” presents from their loved ones, blah, you know the drill, I don’t have to tell you that. For those of you with expensive tastes, […]

  • Gmail invites

    I’ve got 50 Gmail Invites left. Want one?